The Porta-Fuel transfer system is a completely self contained portable fuel transfer system for use with either gasoline or diesel fuels. The unit is powered by a deep cycle marine battery and has a built in auto charger system for ease of use. It can reclaim from up to 4 vehicles at once at a rate of 2-3 gallons a minute and transfers fuel at a rate up to 15 gallons a minute for saddle tank transfer.This unit is easily moved around on its sturdy wheels and can operate for approximately 5 hours on a single charge. when you are done simply plug it in and it will be ready for your next use. This unit is ideal for Commercial truck rental, car dealerships,service stations, Marinas as well as smaller rental groups that don't have the space or finances to install a large storage tank. Because of its light weight and portability,It can be placed in a truck and moved about if a client has multiple depots. This unit is also unique in that because it does not store the fuel only transfer it, it requires no permitting! 


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The Off-Loader is the ideal space saving unit at just 15 inches high and 13 inches square,The Off Loader is a compact, air powered fuel transfer unit designed for the Hazardous materials, public safety and tow truck venues. It offers a safe and fast way to mitigate leaking fuel tanks and product from any variety of vehicles. It is certified to move diesel,gasoline,avaiation fuel and kerosene. It can off load at a rates up to 15 gallons per minute. The unit runs on air and can be powered by either a compressor, air cart or standard SCBA bottle and regulator. The unit is powered by a double diaphragm air pump and be cleaned up after each use with a basic cleaner such as simple green. The unit has an exterior grounding spike attached to the unit as well for proper bonding and grounding. The small size makes it ideal for fire trucks, tow trucks and haz mat teams with limited space. The cost effective price makes it affordable to everyone.



The Fleet Master is a fixed mounted fuel reclaim system that allows you to reclaim fuel from your vehicles into your choice of either an above ground or under ground storage tank. The unit is constructed of C channel steel and is powder coated for chemical and weather resistance. It is powered by a 115 volt power source and connects easily to an open bung or sump on a tank. The unit is able to reclaim from 4 to 6 cars simultaneously at a rate of approx 2-3 gallons a minute. This unit can be retro fitted onto your existing tank in an effort to maximize your current space and reduce your expenses and permitting hassles, or we can provide a turnkey system from the ground up at your location.We will work with a local vendor to create a full service fuel depot that will allow you to both reclaim and dispense fuel at one location.Why pay per gallon fees and have to schedule your vehicles to be defueled with a third service company?  The trailer that they will have has to be moved around everytime it is filled and still requires a tank to dump into. The trailer also increases your overall exposure risk as you now have added concerns of leaks, accidents and lost time while they drive it around your property, transfer to your tank, and return to the defueling site. The Fleet Master System is yours to use whenever you need it and we don't collect per gallon fees. One car or a hundred do it on your schedule. Why should you let your vehicles drive away with full tank of fuel, when you can reclaim it, store it and recycle it all at one location. This process will save you thousands over time.  


Fuel Reclamation Products

                     TANK IN A BOX

​​This is an all in one solution that solves many of todays space, cost and imminent domain issues that confront the auto rental,leasing and Fleet groups. We have worked with the top names in the business to put together a complete turn key package that can store,dispense and reclaim fuel. If you ever have to move your location, you can take it all with you hassle free, just load and go. No more huge losses from fixed tank systems. The unit will be delivered ready to go to work for you, the only thing that will be required is electricity.
The Containment Solutions Tank has been constructed with a UL 2085 rating and can be made from 500 to 20,000 gallon sizes. it has an outer layer constructed of steel and reinforced concrete that has both a ballistic and impact rating. all UL listed parts and all dispensers are weights and measures certified.
The Fuel Boss Fuel management system provides state of the art management of the data from both the dispensing end as well as the fuel reclaim side .
The Fleet Master Fuel Reclamation system can relcaim from up to 6 vehicles at once via advanced OBDII Technology and is fully
integrated into the Fuel management system for reconciliation data interface